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Miss Not Giving Anything Away
(May/Jun 2003)
If you played Bananas Bingo in the May / June issue we gave away absolutely bugger all!  And our bingo babe for this issue wasn't giving much away either, unfortunately!
I'm sure you'll agree though, that what she did let us see was well worth a look!  Just a pity she only undid her bikini string and didn't let the blasted thing fall to the floor (we think she was just "stringing" us along!)

Miss Bananas
(Jan/Feb 2003)
If you played Bananas Bingo this issue we re-decorated your house banana yellow!  We wouldn't mind peeling off her clothes and getting our hands on this babe's bananas!
Yes, she was guarentted to be helpful with any DIY we might be thinking of indulging in!  Paint wouldn't be the only thing that would be sticky with her around to get us going!

Miss Christmas Hampers
(December 2002)
In our Christmas issue if you won Bananas Bingo you could get your hands on our Christmas hampers - we wouldn't mind getting our hands on this girl's hampers!
Miss Christmas Hampers is a shy girl, who lets herself go at Christmas - gets tipsy and dances on tables (no doubt shaking her hampers!)

Miss Wet And Wicked
(May 2002)
Play Bananas Bingo - it's wet and wicked!  So was our bikini babe for the merry month of May!  And we wouldn't mind her dancing round our pole would we (maypole that is - well what did you think I meant?)
Yes, she certainly gets Morris dancing (you've never heard it called that before have you!)

Miss Best Of British
(April 2002)
She certainly is!  She may not be the royal monarch but she's our "bikini queen"!  And we'd certainly like to get our hands on her crown jewels! 
And I bet that during the coming Golden Jubilee celebrations it won't just be her flags she'll be waving about, eh!

Miss Meaning Of Life
(January 2002)

She may not be the answer to the meaning of life, but she's certainly the answer to all our dreams!
Miss Meaning Of life is a theology student (all our girls have brains as well as ... er ... nice eyes) and she may very well discover the meaning of life while studying - and after studying her, we think we've discovered the meaning of life too!

Miss Christmas Cracker
(November/December issue)

Miss Christmas Cracker is the type of girl you'd wish to pull at any Christmas party but where you usually end up with that frumpy fat cow from Accounts.
Every festive season our girl Christmas likes to get her tinsel out and show off her baubles - she also likes to hang the coloured decorative balls on the Christmas tree!

Miss Sun-Drenched
(July/August 2001 issue)

This was the Bananas Bingo girl for our July/August issue and boy was she hot!
Apart from modeling, Miss Sun-Drenched likes to help out Scouts' organisations as she is very keen on Boy Scouts. We'd like to dib our dobs with her too!
She says she's also very keen on marine life (I bet she is!) and is presently studying Marine Biology at University (so not all blondes are dumb then - just most of them!)

Miss Not Givng Anything Away

Miss Bananas

Miss Christmas Hampers

Miss Wet And Wicked

Miss Best Of British


Miss Christmas Cracker

Miss Sun-Drenched