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It's Christmas - So What?!

It's Christmas! So what? So fucking what? You have to fork out hard-earned cash to buy presents for people who don't give a shit about you nor you them for the whole year round!

Then there's the blasted carol singers, those cute kids who call round and wail a cacophony of noise at the door. Personally I'd like to answer the door with a big machine gun and blow the little fuckers away!

I know what you're thinking, your thinking that you should be nice to people - it's Christmas! Bollocks! Why should you be nice to everybody just because theres a bit of tinsel strewn about the place and a big tree with coloured lights up?

The only person I'm nice to at Christmas is that bird with the big fucking tits in our office, who I might be in with a chance with if I'm really nice to her! So I will be - boy I'll be nice to her all right! But the rest of you - screw you!


Merry Christmas


Peace on Earth

From the Editor of Bananas


The editor's views does not necessarily reflect the views of other members of the bananas staff - although he's right about the bird with the big tits in our office - she's a dish!