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Other Comedy Sites
Here are some of the sites that I've laughed at while surfing around (some of them more than once even!)
Humorous look at the soaps and other TV shows.
There's no disappointment to be had here!
It's rude, it's vulger, it's mispelt ...
An apt title for a site that contains ... well, idiotica!
Very clever humour, but there is no monkey on.
A spoof small town newspaper.
Adult humour as you'd expect from the title.
Weird shit, man! 
Our idol!  This is the spoof news site that strated it all.  We are not worthy!
Other sites of interest
Other non-humour sites of interest I have enjoyed - I seemed to have spent quite a lot of time at the first one for some reason!
Top horror site, Including reviews of classics and modern blood-fests!
More horror, but mostly classic British films.
Sorry junior, you need to be over 18 to rate her tits.  To everyone else this is a site of much interest!
Amazingly huge - just like her knockers you've just been looking at above!  This contains stuff about old TV programmes from the 60s, 70s and 80s.
If not just for the nude pics of your favourite babes of yesteryear!  Lots here for all you nostalgia freaks!
If you're an ageing punk rocker like I am then this is the place to go to relive your youth!
If you own a humour site or other site of interest, then why not link to me and I'll link to you - you show me yours and I'll show you mine!