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carol vorderman
Carol gets her knockers out at yet another awards ceremony!

Get Your Stats Out! 

Carol Vorderman is one of our biggest and most popular television presenters.  She's also a mathematics genius and is not shy about getting her "stats" out at awards ceremonies either!  We sent our interviewer Kevin Richardson to get an eye full! 

Carol Vorderman you are a star of unbelievable talent.   

I know. 

And staggering beauty. 

I know. 

And brains. 

I know. 

And you ain't got too bad a pair of jugs either.

I know.

I mean, you seem to take enough opportunities to show them off!

Ha ha, I know.

If you've got it, flaunt it, eh?

Ha ha, yes.

And you certainly flaunt it!

Ha ha.

I notice you've turned up to the interview in a roll-neck pullover, not even a glimpse of cleavage.

I know, yes.

I was hoping you'd turn up in something revealing.

Well you're not taking any photos are you?  So there's no point.

I could take photos!

Ah, but ...

I've got a camera with me!

No, we didn't agree to photos.

Oh go on, get 'em out!

I beg your pardon?

Get your tits out, let's have a look at 'em!

No, we didn't agree to photos.

Who wants to take photos, just get 'em out!  Just for my benefit!  I won't tell anyone you showed me them.

I'm not getting my tits out for you!

Oh go on, please!


Pretty please with sugar on top.


I'll get down on my hands and knees if you want me to.

You're being silly, now can we get on with the interview?

Sod the fucking interview - I want to see some tits!

You're ill.