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Interview With A Sadistic Bitch

After a hard day down the dungeon, Mistress X, likes nothing better than to put her feet up on her favourite slave and watch Corrie - just like any other ordinary woman. She also does a lot of work for children's charities and has lunch with her parents every Sunday after church! So what makes her want to beat the living crap out of men during her hours of work?

This woman's clients actually pay her money to treat them badly. This can include all manner of humiliation and torture, including painful inflictions on the man's genital area.
Sadomasochism has been around a long time and is probably most synonymous with the Marquis De Sade. But today it can be found in the fetishism of clients of mistresses like Mistress X.

Mist.X: It's great, he does all the house work such as licking the kitchen floor clean with his tongue and I use his head as a lavatory brush to clean the toilet. If he disobeys I whip him: ten lashes if he doesn't do as he's told and five if he doesn't do it to my satisfaction (and I'm very particular!)
Bananas: Do you never feel guilty that you're inflicting this sort of pain and torture on these men?
Mist.X: No I love it. I've always enjoyed inflicting pain on people, especially males; I used to do it to my little brother when I was young.
Bananas: What, sadomasochism?
Mist.X: No, silly - just belting him one if he didn't do what I told him to do. I used to make him eat worms.
Bananas: Worms?
Mist.X: Yes. I like being in control.
Bananas: Have you a superiority complex?
Mist.X: Well women are superior to men anyway.
Bananas: What sort of things do you do to these men?
Mist.X: I can whip him, kick him in the bollocks, stamp on his dick ... but the worst is when I put on the Phil Collins CD - that's when he really starts crying out for mercy.
Bananas: Do you think these gentlemen, who come to you, are normal, or do you think there's something wrong with them?
Mist.X: What do you mean?
Bananas: Well I mean, you wouldn't get me going to someone like you for this kind of

Mistress X
Mistress X - gives a whole new meaning to potty training!

Miss X: How do you know? Why not try it?
Bananas: No I don't want to.
Miss X: Oh come on, you don't really know until you've tried it. Don't be such a baby.
Miss X took me into her bathroom, showed me to her toilet and holding her whip aloft, began to order me about.
Miss X: Get your head down that toilet.
(She said sternly.)
Bananas: No I'm not doing that. I'll just pretend to do it.
She wasn't having none of this.
Miss X: No, you won't; I want you to do it. Bananas
: Why?
Miss X: Because I say so
(She cracked her whip.)
Bananas: Alright I'll pretend to do it.
(She cracked her whip again.)
Miss X: You'll do it for real. Stick your head in and lap at the water. I want to hear you lapping.
Bananas: I'm not gonna lap at that, there's a turd floating around down there.
(Another crack of her whip.)
Miss X: DO IT!

Slowly I lowered my head into the toilet bowl (but I wasn't going to lap at the water, no way! But she put her foot on my head and shoved it forcibly down and flushed the chain. I swallowed water, it tasted foul.
They've been ribbing me about it around the office ever since, calling me Toilet Breath!