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Michael Jackson

Is Jacko really wacko?  Just how much plastic surgery has he had?  All these questions and more remained unanswered when we sent our reporter Giles Munro to Jacko's home, Neverland, to interview the star.

Michael, thank you for agreeing to talk to us.
It's my pleasure.  Can I just say hello to all my British fans?
No you can't.  Now if I could just begin by -
But I love them all.
What do you say to people who say youre a freak, and a weirdo and need to grow up and live in the real world.
They don't know anything about me.
They know plenty.  They know what they see.
They don't know the real me.
Well, who is the real Michael Jackson?
I'm a very caring, loving person, I love children.
So I've heard.  Don't you think you love them a bit too much?
Your saying bad things about me, you're being a very naughty interviewer.
Do you think it's normal for a man in his 40's to have young boys sleep in the same bed as him?
We have fun.
I bet you do!
But there's nothing wrong with it.  Nothing happens, I swear.
What about the plastic surgery?
I haven't had any plastic surgery, I swear.  None!
Not even on your nose?
Well, the nose, yes.  But nothing else, I swear.
The cheeks?

michael jackson

What does "maybe" mean?
Well, yes.
Your lips?
Yes, a bit.
Eyes, ears ...?
Well, yes those too.
Is there in fact any part of your face that is still your own?
Well not really, no.
What about the "baby-dangling" incident?
You know, that makes me so angry.  I got so angry about what was said about that incident.  I just wanted to show the fans my baby son.
So you thought youd throw him to them?
No!  You're twisting what Im saying, you bad, wicked interviewer.
Who's bad?
You are.  You're bad and wicked, and mean, and very, very naughty.
At least I'm normal.
I'm normal.  You know people say wacko Jacko and all that but Im just an average normal guy really.
An "average, normal guy"?
Yes, just because I have friends who are chimps and llamas people think Im kooky, but it was fairly normal where I grew up.
Where did you grow up - in a zoo?
You're being silly now.
Michael Jackson, thank you very much.
I love you, and I love all my fans!