Midget Jones' Diary


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Part 1
1st June
My name is Midget Jones, I am a single mother, one-legged dwarf, but I still manage to cope with the difficulties that this may incur.  However, the only drawback with my predicament is that I can't get anyone to shag me!  No one wants to shag a dwarf, let alone one with a plastic strap-on leg (I just don't seem to be able to get my plastic strap-on leg over, geddit!)  
     I've decided to keep a diary in a hope that reading about my struggle may help others in a similar position to cope (although there are probably not that many other people who are three foot nothing and with one leg!)
     My daughter is very unruly; being smaller than her it's very difficult to get her to do as she's told.  She drinks, smokes, and does drugs, and if I have words with her about it, she says things like, 'What business is it of yours shorty?!!'
3rd October
Sorry I didnt make an entry yesterday, my daughter nicked my pen and then made me chase her around the house, then when I finally caught up with her, held it up high above my head and laughed at me as I reached up in vain to try to get it back off her.
     On the consolation side I met a lovely man in a bar.  My daughter had allowed me to go out for the evening, as long as I promised I wouldn't stay out late and that I'd do all her homework for her when I got back.  I agreed, after all I had no choice.  If I hadn't have agreed she would had tied me to a chair and beat me with a wet kipper, until I promised never to disobey her again.
      So I met a man, and he was gentle and kind, and told me that he wouldn't mind shafting me senseless.  Ecstatic, I asked him did he have a flat near by, and that if he did, that he could have me right there and then.  He did, so we finished our drinks and went back to his place.
     All went well, we went straight into the bedroom and began to get undressed.  All went well that is, until I'd taken my skirt off and began to un-strap my leg.  I was halfway through un-strapping it when I caught him staring at me.
     'You've only got one leg?' he asked.
     'Yes, is that a problem?' I asked him.
     'You can say that again!!!' he said, and then callously added, 'I would fuck a dwarf, but I draw the line at a fucking cripple!!!'
     I was saddened, what made it worse was that he had a gigantic cock (he had a good nine inches!!!)  I still dream about that big cock pleasuring my twat.  I get wet just at the thought of it.
     As I was doing my daughter's homework later that night, I thought about my plight, why I have to be cursed with being not only a dwarf but a one-legged one.  Then I hopped over to the bed, got in, and turned off the bedside lamp, then went to sleep thinking about the big dick I never had.