Big Brother


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4/6/03 Fuck all 

3/6/03 Nothing much really happened again

2/6/03 Nothing much again

1/6/03 Nothing much

31/5/03 As the camera centres on a fly crawling slowly across a wall, it flies away past one of the contestants, Tania, wearing a vey revealing bikini.  It lands on her left boob, she swats it away and splats it all over her breast.  Scott anf Fredirico vomit heavily as they have been staring at her tits for some time, and are now nasuated by the offending splattered insect.  Meanwhile in another part of the house, some paint is drying (which would be more interesting to watch - but which wouldn't do much for the ratings, which need more sex and violence!)

30/5/03 Someone got evicted and the crowd made a lot of noise.

29/5/03 Something interesting happened.  No, sorry it's just a mark on the camera.


Exciting Big Brother Quiz!!

What is more interesting than watching Big Brother?

A.     Watching paint dry

B.     Having a shit

C.     Running your finger round the top of a glass repeatedly